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Unlimited​ riding pleasure.

Relaxed or Intensive. 

Leisurely gliding. Sporty driving in the water. Safe diving under water.
All this is possible with a SEABOB-Jet. Now you can actually move through

the water like a fish. Freely, both on the surface and at depth.

Optimal Handling.

Low weight with powerful thrust.

Easy handling was the uncompromising objective set when 

developing the new SEABOB generation. For this reason,

the challenge in terms of development was clearly defined.


Quality right down the last detail.

The SEABOB-Jet is the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology. 

In order for the vehicle to live up to this claim, the drive unit was made 

using premium carbon elements, established ceramic coatings and precious 

metals resistant to salt water. Meticulously hand-crafted, this water sports 

vehicle is made of top-grade materials. The uncompromising quality standard is 

reflected in each and every detail.

E-Jet Power System.

Emission-free drive Technology

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to 

the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the

 powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the jet channel under high pressure. 

The thrust developed in this way propels the SEABOB forward in superior fashion.